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Ham Log Book 7.6

Export single calls directly to http://www.eqsl.cc/
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Export single calls directly to http://www.eqsl.cc/.

Main Features:

- Easy to use interface
- Logs the following information: Callsign, Date, Name, StartTimeQSO, EndTimeQSO, Band, Mode,
- Freq, Country, City, State, County, Types of Rigs Used, RST-both, Antennas Used, QRP?,QSL Sent?,
- Lookup Call by Callsign, Date, Name, Country.
- Can be set for 1/2 hour and for - hour offset increments in time offset for UTC.
- Exports calls via ADIF 2.0 Format
- Looksup Callsign via QRZ.net, Has Country Prefix
- Lookup... and more stuff !!

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